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We simply cannot live without our gadgets

I shutter to think how long I could go without my Kindle, iPad or iPhone anymore. However, I usually can live without them long enough to try and get some rest on red eye flights. The last red eye flight I took (last week) I noticed a glow over the entire cabin when returning from the restroom. It seemed like every passenger had some device. I thought it was unusual since it was a red eye flight and most people usually sleep (so I thought). I usually can’t sleep on flights, but I like to give it the old college try when I have early meetings on the east coast the next morning. As I made my way back to the forward part of the cabin to reclaim my seat (just behind  business class) I noticed that most people were watching movies or playing games on all manner of tablets, phones, Ultrabooks, etc. I even noticed a pre-teenage kid watching Django Unchained (totally inappropriate for a 12 + year old to be watching). I did notice a couple of people reading something on printed paper, but most people were glued to those devices. As a technology guy, I’m often on computers and devices for 18+ hours a day but when I’m in flight, I like to take a device holiday for a few short hours!

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